From the vault

We'd like to offer you some tracks from the past that never saw the light of day:


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to close the studio for 2.5 years. But the good news is: we're back. The last 6 months we've build a brand new PowerplantStudio combining both old and new gear. Testing is going on at this very moment. Tons of ideas and will be shaped into tracks the coming months and years. Thank you for being patient.



Microtron MIA


GMM trailer

Promotrailer for the Graspop Metal Meeting festival,
broadcasted on Acht and JIM-tv


april 2012

Blue Power

Promotrailer for New Holland F3 racing team presenting their new racing car


Student @ Work


PiON - Quark

Quark is a lesson in clocking oscillators and sequencers. The one man ambient project PiON used tons of synths and a single floortom making this song. After many months of syncing and tweaking, we recorded this wonderful song.


Deep Waters



We were asked to help out Timothy Keymeulen and Fargier Christopher on their animationproject "The spacebirds". We spiced up their soundtrack in only 5 hours …
Their reaction: "..ton aide nous a sauvé"



director: Dennis Van Den Bergh
foley: Elias Vervecken
music, soundeffects and mix: Stefan Mertes
Awarded with the Silver Méliès at the Short Film Competition of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. The jury was composed by Alain Galand, Christian Bontinckx, Michel Devillers, Guy Triffin and Odile De Scheemaeker.

september 2009




The Snatch - Another World

15 years after they split up, three members of "The Snatch" reunite to record a song from their glorious period in the very early nineties. Tom Coeckelbergs, Tom Claes en Stefan Mertes try to record a version of the song "Another World". They end up drinking and laughing all day long and the recording remains unfinished.



sound: Stefan Mertes
video: Stef Paulussen
assistance: Wouter Walgraeve
dance: Lotte Nouwkens & Georgina del Carmen Theunissen
production: Binary & PowerplantStudio
Performed at Nonstop festival Halle-Zoersel on 4 aug 2007


Dichotomy 0

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefan Mertes at PowerplantStudio



Dichotomy I

3D modeling, animation, CGI and compositing by Stef Paulussen at Mindreal

more info:


PiON - π

This dark ambient song started as a study in FM and virtual analogue synthesis. The reason why this song was ever recorded is the sound of a braking train at the end. It's actualy a filter going slowly in self-oscillation.


Binbox FX

Binbox FX is a collection of sounds and loops, a royaltyfree sample library for webdevelopers and sounddesigners. Two Bins were made: web and cinematic.

concept and idea: Stef Paulussen & Stefan Mertes

more info:


Sinking Sea

Written in august 2001
Retuning and additional programming at Powerplantstudio oct-nov 2002
recording drums, vocals and soundeffects in Zittaart on 29-30 nov
Recording guitars in Zittaart on 7 dec 2002
Mixing and mastering jan 2003
Special thanks: Geert Opdebeeck, Manuel Verreet & [wallie]




JETONA: Center of balance

production: Design is dead
Performed at De Nachten in Singel Antwerp on 25-26 jan 2002
Published by Design is dead on DVD and VHS

2001 - 2002

Powerplant 1 & 2

Demos and testrecordings from 2001-2002
for promotional use only

2000 - 2001

Forgotten World

All songs constructed, manipulated and recorded @ Powerplant Brussels from jan 2000 - jan 2001
Additional drum, vocal and sample recording @ Room of Doom in Zittaart from 22-24 jan 2001
Mixing and retuning @ Powerplant Brussels in feb-mar 2001
Album released in 3 CD versions - strictly limited edition (sold out)


Lancinating Mamilla - Recovered Files

Spring 2000 is the moment PowerplantStudio comes to live when Tom Claes en Stefan Mertes lock themselves up for two days and one night, surrounded by their personal equipment, in the center of Brussels. After playing together all their lives, they make their last songs together …